Need Help For A Better ‘ZOOM Face’?
Here are 3 treatment tips for you.
July 02, 2019

Making video calls almost daily? Being on Zoom meetings every other day?

If your answer is ‘yes’, you’d be seeing your ‘Zoom Face’ more these days, and probably noticing things you hadn’t noticed before, while wondering how others view you when you’re in the Zoom spotlight.

Most times, a good webcam will capture a flattering image of you. If that does not work, and make-up does not help, it’s time for these 3 treatment tips to get an instant lift.

These fast-acting treatments will solve facial issues – like tired-looking complexion, saggy skin, dull tone – and make you look better on-screen. Most IMPORTANTLY, you’ll look many times better after the treatment session.

Deep Cleanse with Omega Hydrapeel Treatment
Oily skin often looks even worse on-screen. Improve skin texture with Omega Hydrapeel.

This non-invasive treatment makes use of a revolutionary 2-in-1 suction probe that cleanses pores and hydrates skin with a nutrient-rich solution simultaneously.

You’ll look and feel fresher with clean and signicantly smaller pores, as well as fewer and less noticeable blemishes.

Quick Intense Moisturising with Radiance Glow Facial
Our skin often looks dull and tired after long hours of screen time.

Get a quick fixx with this intensive hydrating therapy. Skin cells are hydrated deeply to encourage skin renewal, giving a fairer, smoother, brighter complexion in just 1 treatment

Tighten skin with V-Max Face Treatment
Concerned about saggy skin and more ne lines forming?

V-Max offers results similar to a surgical facelift, without any cutting. Using high intensity ultrasonic non-invasive techniques, skin is instantly tightened with highly visible reduction of fine lines.

A more V-Shape face contour is noticeable in just 1 session!

You Deserve Beautiful,

Youthful Skin.

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Happy Customers

“I used to have oily skin and this made me very conscious of how I look, especially after a long day at the office. But after a few rounds of the Omega Hydro Deep Cleansing Treatment, my skin is clearer and smoother, and I’m not worried about going out with friends after work.”
“I love how much firmer my face is after the V Max treatment. It makes me look more youthful and I feel years younger.”

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